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giant radio antennas behind autumn forest against dramatic sky

Когда-нибудь я привыкну к этому виду из окна, но явно не в этом году.

Someday I'll get used to this view, but definitely not this year.

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Pictures from 4rth industrial biennale of contemporary art

booklet with art struggle examples

How to protect your art against cossack raid?
- buy a bigger whip
- tell cossacks not to mess with your art
- make God-appeasing art
- my art already includes cossack raid

What is the difference between modernists and postmodernists?
- postmodernists appeared after modernists
- modernists are boring and postmodernists are fun
- modernists believed in Truth while postmodernists canned the shit
- no difference, because Mikhail Lifshitz hated them all

story about creating of perfect detail

4. Galvanizing department

The detail is perfect.
But people wouldn't understand that.
In every object they seek
momentary usefulness and beauty.

So, coat its spine
with gold and belly
with silver and tips
with copper.

Then they'll be able
to appreciate it. Or,
at least, to notice.

5. Assembly department

The detail is beautiful for human eye,
we only need to attach the cord,
stuck it into socket. Let's have something spinning inside the detail.
Let it electrocute gawkers.
And add a couple of blinking lights.
And sound. Sound should be thundering, like a locomotive's.
Let the people feel all of its usefulness.

resistance fitness exercises

Всю остальную тонну фоток можно посмотреть здесь

The rest of photodump you can see here
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Экземпляр редкого вида Abies pomifera обнаружен позади памятника Попову.

Yesterday I found a rare Abies pomifera near the Popov's monument. =)

fir branches with berries or small apples on them

Epic day

Sep. 29th, 2017 10:08 pm
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Кажется сегодня наш город стал обладателем рекорда по числу телефонных минирований. Е1 насчитал сто с хвостиком и сбился.
I haven't checked, but it is probable that our city now holds world record in category "number of false bomb phone calls per day". It is around 100 by the evening and hilarity still continues.

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Liner sketch of yarrow plant

Наконец-то я начала каталог растений растущих во дворе, который задумала, страшно сказать, — года два назад? Или больше. И всё благодаря тому, что мне попался альбом, который идеально для этого подходит: большой, в переплёте, квадратного формата, с очень плотной гладкой бумагой — она идеальна для линеров, но должна и акварель выдержать, если применять её локально и без фанатизма. У меня вот такой, с цветами Ван Гога, но их целая серия с разными обложками.
Finally I started the project that was planned several years ago: to make a hand-drawn catalogue of plants growing in my yard. Not the whole yard of course, just one patch of grass with borders defined by fence, sidewalk and asphalted path. And recently I found a perfect sketchbook for this purpose: large, square, hard-cover with thick smooth paper, ideal for ink.

А ещё я собираюсь впервые поучаствовать в Inktober. Не питаю ни малейших иллюзий о том, что мне удастся рисовать ежедневно :) Но хочу попробовать разные техники теми материалами, что есть в наличии.
This year I am going to take part in Inktober for the first time. I have no illusions about the small amount of drawings that I'll be able to complete, but it is a good opportunity to try various techniques with the stuff that I already have.

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Гугл собирается убрать функцию редактирования видео на ю-тубе 20 сентября 2017 года. Печаль, ибо это был самый удобный видеоредактор, которым я пользовалась.
Google is going to retire youtube video editor on September 20. What a loss, it was so easy and convenient to use.

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Photo of small plant growing from the ceiling

По фото не очень понятно, что это за белая плоскость, откуда растёт кустик, но поверьте — это потолок.
It is not obvious, but that white surface,where the plant is growing, is actually a ceiling.

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This afternoon I went to the balcony and noticed that recently it was visited by a flock of birds. Or one extremely messy bird, judging by numerous white splashes on the floor. It is a memorable event by itself, because birds rarely fly at 60+ meter height where I live. Only crows in the morning and evening migrate between their feeding and sleeping locations at roughly that altitude. And swifts swarm incredibly high in the sky on summer evenings. Once I saw a titmouse on the windowsill - that's all bird sightings from my window that I can remember.
The guest left not only waste, but some kind of present, I'd like to think - a rusty screwdriver bit. That allows me to exclude a swift from list of suspects, they do not have habit of gathering inedible metal objects, while Corvidae are renowned for it.
Several hours later, when [livejournal.com profile] diablotm  and me were in the living-room, he said "Look who's there!' pointing at the kitchen door. I was slow, and glimpsed only a shadow of the wing, while he saw some "dark birdie" with wings spread walking out of kitchen, seeing us and leaving. It was smaller than crow, so maybe it was a jackdaw? Or even a young seagull? I hope one day to see that visitor with my own eyes.
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sabre-toothed heraldic beaver

sabre-toothed heraldic beaver

Scheibler Armorial, Germany ca. 1450-1480
München, BSB, Cod.icon. 312 c, p. 114

Found at  discardingimages

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 Прошлой ночью была потрясающая гроза и я увидела, что происходит когда молния ударяет в дом: громоотвод раскаляется и светится пару секунд, распространяя жёлтое мягкое сияние овальной формы.

Last night thunderstorm was magnificent and I have finally seen lightning strike from relatively close distance: it stroke an apartment building in the next street. The lightning rod on the roof after that emitted yellow oval-shaped radiance for a couple of seconds.
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Плакат в магазине разливного вина гласит: "Истина в — вине, здоровье — в воде". Интересно, сколько здоровья они добавляют в свою истину.

Poster in wine shop says: In wine there is truth, in water there is health. It makes me wonder how much health do they pour in their truth ;)
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 Загадочная фраза на сайте новостей: "Пятеро несовершеннолетних — четверо молодых людей и юноша"
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Имеется обыкновенная синяя джинсовка, на ярлычке которой написано "100% хлопок" и "содержит материалы животного происхождения". Теряюсь в догадках, что бы это могло быть? Пуговицы-заклёпки металлические, кожаной лейбочки нет... может в нитках прошивки есть шерсть?

A mystery, indeed:
There is an ordinary jeans jacket with label that says "100% cotton" and "contains materials of animal origin". I am baffled. What could it possibly be? Buttons are made of metal and there is no leather label anywhere. Maybe decorative stitches contain wool?


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